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We the sons and daughters of Annang Nation, a vocal group of people with the Nigeria Nation and internationally desirous of collectively defining, articulating and implementing the goals and ideals of an Annang ethnic destiny on a platform founded upon an active but non-aggressive Annang ethnic nationalist consciousness; having firmly and solemnly resolved:


TO PROVIDE for ourselves a constitution, for the purpose of consolidating the unity of the Annang people and promoting good neighbourliness and unity among the Nigeria people on the principles of equity and justice;


DO HEREBY MAKE, ENACT AND GIVE TO OURSELVS the following Constitution:




(i)                  The Foundation shall be known and address as “ATI ANNANG”


(ii)                 The motto of the Foundation shall be “ARURU, UKEME MME UKO”


(iii)                The provisions of this constitution shall be supreme an binding on all members of ATI ANNANG.




1.       The Foundation shall have the following aims and objectives:


To mobilize every member, promote love, justice and progress as essential elements for the development of members and community in pursuit of meaningful unity.


To encourage continuous education, advancement and strategic placement of members of Annang Nation in the ethno International power setting, while sustaining our rich cultural heritage.


To recognize and honour persons who have distinguished themselves in their contributions in the society.




The symbol of ATI ANNANG shall consist of an inverted manila, with the inscription ARURU UKEME MME UKO inside the inverted manila, the alphabets “AA” with a palm tree in between the alphabets.


The International Secretariat for the Foundation shall be situated at Ikot Ekpene.




(1)     Membership of the Foundation is open to all sons and daughters and wives of sons of Annang Origin.


(2)     Sons and daughters of other ethnic nationalities may be inducted into the Foundation as Associate member(s).


(3)     An intending member must complete the prescribed form, be screened and be deemed fit to be admitted into the Foundation at the Chapter Level provided always that Association member need not belong to any chapter.


(4)     An intending member, in the case of an inaugurated Chapter, must be sponsored by at least two members of the Chapter in good standing, be not less than 21 years at the date of Application and subscribe to the Oath of Allegiance. Provided always in the case of new unit, members are deemed to be sponsored by the sponsoring Chapter of such new unit of the Foundation.


(5)     On admission, his name shall be put in the Chapter register and such name shall be sent to the International Secretary for international recognition. Provided always that the international secretary shall insert the name of an associate member in the register created for Associate members after induction.


(6)     Every member retains his membership through the Chapter except for the Associate member.




(1)     Membership shall be lost if:


(i)      A member is indicted by the Disciplinary Committee and on the acceptance of other recommendation by the General House.


(ii)     He absents himself consecutively from meetings and/or fails to pay his dues/levies for a reasonable period without acceptable reasons. The Chapter shall determine what is a reasonable period and acceptable reason.


(iv)       He voluntarily resigns from the Foundation.


(2)     A member who has lost his membership under Section 5(1) above may re-apply to the Foundation through the membership/enrolment committee for re-admission after a period of six (6) months from the date of loss of membership. Such application shall contain the following information:-


          (a)     Date of initial enrolment;


          (b)     Liabilities/debt due to the Foundation as at the time of loss




(a)         Period of loss of membership


(b)         Events/circumstances that led to loss of membership at the Chapter level.


(3)     CHAPTERS:


(1)     There shall be established ‘Chapters’ of the Foundation in all the Local Government Areas of Annang Land an other Towns/Cities in and outside Nigeria as may be feasible in compliance with the provisions of this constitution.




          i)       A unit/Branch shall be qualified to be inaugurated as a Chapter


of the Foundation if such a Unit/Branch:-


(a)     Formally applies through the international secretary for registration as a Chapter of the Foundation


(b)     Provides a list of at least twenty five duly registered members.


(c)     Is sponsored by an already chartered Chapter.


(d)     Pays a Chapter registration fee as the General Assembly may from time to approve.


(e)     Has in place a duly constituted Executive Council


(f)      Has operated as a functional unit for at least 6 (six) consecutive months after application for registration as a Chapter of the Foundation.


(g)     Has a resolution of her general meeting approved by a simple majority of her members requesting for such registration.


(ii)     Upon fulfillment of the conditions in Section 2(i) above the International President or His Representative shall Inaugurate/Charter the Unit an present to it a Certificate duly signed by the International President an International Secretary on a date duly set for such inauguration.




(a)     A chapter shall loss her status if:


(i)      The Disciplinary Committee considers her action(s) to be inimical to the objectives of the Foundation.


(ii)     She fails to meet up with her obligations for two consecutive years without acceptable reasons. The general Assembly of the Foundation shall determine what an acceptable reason is.


(iii)    She has shown disregard or indifference to the activities of the Foundation which shall be determined by her records.



(i)      A chapter who has lost her status under the section above may re-apply to the Foundation through the International Executive Council fro re-admission after a period of six (6) from date of loss of status as a chapter. Such application shall contain the following:-

                   (a)     Date of initial inauguration.

                   (b)     Liabilities/debts due to the Foundation as at the time of

 loss of Chapter’s status.

                   (c)     Period of loss of status and

                   (d)     Events/circumstances that led to loss of status.

(ii)     The International Executive Council shall deliberate and make recommendations to the Central Working Committee who may accept the International Executive Council’s report or consider the application in it’s entirety and decide thereon.


(iii)    A 2/3 majority decision of the Central Working Committee shall be binding subject to Appeal which lies to the General Assembly during the Annual General Meeting. The decision of the General Assembly at the Annual General Meeting shall be final.


The Annang people are located in the Coastal Southeastern Nigeria and Southwestern Camerron which was a part of the present Akwa Ibom State and Cross River State. However, during the then Nigerian Regional era, the then Eastern Region of Nigeria allowed Southwestern Cameroon to be partitioned out of Nigeria into Cameroon through the 1961 plebiscite. In this action the Annang,Efik and Ibibio people were divided into Nigeria and Cameroon

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Our Contact:
Dahiru Close
Apo Legislative Quarters Zone D Garki Abuja


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